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How to Return Refrigerant

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Different Ways To Turn In Refrigerant

Large Quantities Already Recovered
If you have 800 lbs. or more of recovered refrigerant in bulk cylinders, call us at the number below.  Our refrigerant buyback program will pay you top dollar for your refrigerant.  We arrange freight, manage cylinder re-certification and repairs and all required paperwork.  Prices for refrigerant fluctuate with market conditions, however, we regularly pay more than most prices listed on competitors web sites.

Smaller Quantities, Smaller Cylinders
There's no getting around that handling and freight costs make it inefficient to ship smaller quantities of refrigerant.  We work with a select group of premier wholesalers to collect and manage recovered refrigerant.  Program details vary between different wholesalers.  Please call us with your concerns and we can direct you to a wholesaler in your area that best suites your needs.

Large Quantities Not Yet Recovered
Our professional recovery team can save you huge dollars in your refrigerant recovery project.  Don't be fooled by franchise based regional recovery subcontractors.  These are small time operators who come from outside the HVAC field lured by the promise of an easy profit.  We use seasoned HVAC journeyman and large scale recovery equipment to perform a difficult job in an efficient manner.  Call us at the number below to discuss your project.

Collect Your Own For Sale or Reclaim
 If you are willing to invest the time and money to properly collect your recovered refrigerant into bulk cylinders, our program will maximize your return.  We will show you how you can guarantee that your bulk
R-22 cylinder will not end up mixed.  You can use your recovered refrigerant as another tool to increase your margins.  Our program outperforms posted internet specials.  Call us to discuss your needs.

Wholesalers looking to offer their customers the simplest cylinder exchange Ext. 2
Need help with large recovery operations?  Call our service department at Ext. 1 
To find our more about other options, call customer service at Ext. 5